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Slavko Spasojević
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Where we are? We are settled in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our CUSTOMMERS Our products are installed almost in all cities.
In Croatia, our wrought iron fences are installed in Rijeka, Split, Brela, Sinj, Crikvenica, Makarska and many other cities.
In Austria, our wrought iron fences are exported for further distribution.
In Sweden, we have a distributor who install custom and decorative wrought iron fences..
HOW WE DO IT Our wrought iron fences are made in old fashion way as it was made long time ago when an old craftsman punched metal to form required shape. A difference between forming metal in old times and forming metal in our workshop is a use of modern machines for forming metal. A final wrought iron fences and other wrought iron products are as the same as the one formed by old craftsmen.
QUALITY AND DURABILLITY All wrought iron products and wrought iron fences made at Metaloizbor have the best corrosion protection. All are zinc plated in FPS electroplating factory in Srebrenica and gets WS-PLAST high quality paint as a coat.
A 30 years rost free guarantee.
INSTALLATION, TRANSPORT We personally comes to you to take the exact measures of your space and to agree on all futher details.
A transport and installations are available if otherwise is not agreed
You can find many pictures of samples that can spaak for itself.
Make your surroundings nice and beautiful with iron fences and iron furniture’s of metal craftsman's workshop Metaloizbor.
If you want to see all samples that we have made so far, visit this link. Each sample has its own code for an easier ordering.

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